Q. Why is Saint Benedict the Patron of Divine Office Locator?
A. Saint Benedict of Nursia, the Father of Western Monasticism, was a great patron of the Divine Office, especially in his establishment of the 150 Psalm Psalter for Monks of the Benedictine Order. His scholarship in the creation of the Psalter is fundamental to the life of Western Monastics.

Q. Why is my Church not listed on DivineOfficeLocator?
A. DivineOfficeLocator is constantly updated with new listings of public recitations of the Divine Office. If you notice a Church missing on DivineOfficeLocator which should be listed, please send an email to administrator@divineofficelocator.com. 

Q. I’ve noticed an error on a listing, what do I do?
A. If you have noticed an error on our website, please ask that, in your charity, you inform us via the above email. 

Q. How can I pray the Divine Office if I do not own a physical copy?
A. https://divinumofficium.com/ is a website offering easy-to-use access to both the Office and Mass for each day, according to the Usus Antiquior (Pre-1970 Roman Rite) as well as the Dominican Rite, Monastic Breviary, etc.

Q. Who runs DivineOfficeLocator?
A. DivineOfficeLocator is ran by a full-time student, Calder C., (@DowryOfMary on Twitter), from the United Kingdom. 

Q. How can I be informed of updates and changes on DivineOfficeLocator?
A. DivineOfficeLocator has an official twitter account, @DOfficeLocator.

Q. Can I help support DivineOfficeLocator financially?
A. If you wish to support DivineOfficeLocator financially (though one has no obligation whatsoever, as this service will ALWAYS remain free to use), you can join our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/divineofficelocator